Decision Point Session 6 Reflection


Decision Point Session 6:  Relationships



As Matthew noted in these videos, relationships are incredibly important in our lives.  Life really is about who and what we love and how well we love others.


As you go forward in life, relationships sometimes come and go, and the relationships that remain will change and evolve as time goes on.  For your reflection, I want you to formulate a plan for finding and keeping the kind of relationships you want and need in your life.  Consider these questions:

  • What are you looking for in your friendships?  How can you be the best possible friend to others, and find and/or keep the friends that will enrich your life?  

  • What kind of relationships do you want with your parents, and how can you achieve that?  

  • What do you feel will be important when you seek a spouse, and how will you find a person with those qualities?  

  • How can you contribute to your parish community?  

  • How can you keep a close relationship with God?


You’ll want to give a substantial response to this prompt, probably about a page.  Please email it to me at by October 23rd.


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