Decision Point Session 7 Reflection


Decision Point Session 7 Reflection - Due December 11th


For this reflection, I’d like you to recount for me your own personal history with the Eucharist.  Start with receiving First Communion.  When was it?  What was your understanding of what was happening?  How often have you received Eucharist since then?  How has your understanding of the Eucharist changed since that time?  What does the Eucharist mean to you in your life now?  How has this lesson impacted your feelings about and understanding of the Eucharist?


I am NOT looking for you to answer each of the above questions in a neatly labeled sentence like you would in an MCAS prompt.  Please don’t do that.  I want you to think deeply about the Eucharist and its role in your life, and give me more of a reflective personal narrative as a response.  It should be about two substantial paragraphs and should be completed before our next class on December 12th.


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