Decision Point Session 8 Reflection

Decision Point Session 8 Reflection - Due December 19th


For the next week, I would like you to take the time each day to find a quiet place and engage in Matthew’s prayer process.  If you don’t remember the process, you can find it on pages 205-206 of your book.  Please take your time with each step, including the Our Father, and contemplate the meaning of the words to that prayer as you say them.  At the end of the week, please submit 1-2 paragraphs explaining how you feel this process affected you.  Did you feel a connection to the Holy Spirit?  What was your favorite part of the process, and why?  Think specifically about the gifts of the Holy Spirit (found on page 197).  How do you feel these gifts may have empowered you as you went through the prayer process?  Then think about the fruits of the Holy Spirit (found on page 200-201).  Did you notice an increase in any of these as you worked through the prayer process throughout the week?


I hope this week of focused prayer will be a blessing to you.  Looking forward to hearing about your experience!



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