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Choosing a Confirmation Name

In the book of Isaiah we read “I have called you by name, and you are mine” (Is 43:1). Your name was spoken aloud on the day of your Baptism and it became part of your identity as God’s child and a member of the Catholic Church.

Now that you have decided to become confirmed, you have the opportunity to participate in naming you.  A rare and wonderful moment in your life.

You May Reaffirm Your Baptismal Name

Confirmation strengthens the faith and grace you received at Baptism. So, you may choose to reaffirm your baptismal name as a sign of your commitment to live out the promises your parents and godparents made for you at Baptism. 

You May Wish to Add a New Name

You may decide to add a new Christian name at Confirmation to help you to live out your life as a disciple of Christ. The name must be that of a Saint or one of the great men or women of the Bible who have gone before us in faith.  The saints are part of your extended family, like wonderful relatives who are praying for you and rooting for you to get to Heaven.

Research Your Name

Whether you reaffirm your baptismal name or choose a new one, research the life of your Christian namesake. While you are reading about the saints ask yourself why you are drawn to some more than others. Is it because they were courageous in speaking about the Faith? Were they drawn to helping the poor? Did they have an occupation that you are interested in or have a family like yours? As you start to narrow down the saints you are interested in, think again about the reasons to choose one. Is this someone I look up to and want to grow to be like? Is this someone who I want to spiritually "have my back"? Spend time in prayer reflecting on this important decision. Once you have decided on your saint, find a good book just about your particular saint and get to know him or her better. Start asking for guidance and the courage to take your reception of the sacrament of Confirmation to heart. ( 


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