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A Parishioner who tested positive for COVID -19 was present at the 4:30 Mass last Saturday, Nov. 28.  This person was not symptomatic at the time.  Symptoms began on Monday, Nov. 30 and a positive test result came on Wednesday, Dec. 2. We are obliged by the state to let you know of the situation.  After receiving this news, we immediately reported the positive test to the Burlington Board of Health and The Archdiocese of Boston. The state suggests that everyone who attend that  Mass simply monitor your health and to contact your doctor if you present symptoms.  We continue to strive to keep you safe and follow all of the guidelines set forth by the state of Massachusetts and The Archdiocese of Boston.   Please stay safe and healthy.




On Saturdays at 4:00 pm we live stream Mass on Facebook.  If you are unable to watch it on Saturday the Mass will be here on this website by 6:00 pm.


You can also watch Mass on BCAT Sunday's at 10:00 am and Monday's at 3:30 pm. The cable providers are Comcast channel 9, RCN channel 3 and Verizon channel 39.




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St Margaret Church
Saturday 4:30pm
Sunday 7:30am, 9:00am
and 12:00pm



St. Malachy Church
Saturday 4:00pm
Sunday 10:30am

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St. Margaret Church
Tues., Thur. & Sat.


St. Malachy Church
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As announced in the parish bulletin.

Sacrament  of  Penance

The Sacrament of Penance  or confession is offered every Friday night from 6:00-7:00 pm in St. Malachy's chapel and is offered every Saturday afternoon from 2:30-4:00 pm in the chapel on the lower level of St. Margaret's Church.

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